Friday, August 14


Yeah! So I still can't get my freakin internet connection to work & am posting this from my sister's house. This sucks since I have some great pictures of our little family vacation to SoCal. Sadly, Mike wasn't able to join us. Teagan was the best little girl you can imagine for being taken out of her environment and put in a variety of new situations.

I've tons of swimming pictures (Ava grew a tail & became a mermaid who lived in the pool)! We got to celebrate Ava's b'day with her while at J & D's, before Ava returned home. (Our house is lonely & quiet without her.) We saw our cousin (who was always more of a brother to us) & his lovely wife.

I also got to see my friends...Katie even came out from DC! She, Lidia, Erin, Ashleigh & I went out on the town one night....a Tuesday night. As you can imagine, there's not all that much going on in Temecula on a Tuesday. However we did find something fun & unusual to do after dinner: goldfish racing! But for that you really need to see the pictures (sigh!).

Tiff & Teag spent a night with Grampa Jim, as did Ava & I. As Ava said: I like Grampa Jim...he's really cool! True.

We missed the heat wave up here in WA--105 degrees without A/C would have really messed up my body! I had a hard enough time in SoCal with A/C.

On the bright side, my neurologist really saw some improvements in my condition. She says that the climate in WA is really helping and I can feel a difference. While in SoCal, I saw my neurologist, endocrinologist (good news there, too), rheumatologist (some good stuff, some not so good stuff--some of the bloodwork I'd had done had some concerning results), and my cognitive therapist. This kept me busy. "Lucky" Ava got to go with me twice to have blood drawn for different doctors. Let me just put it this way: Ava will not be a flobotomist when she grows up!'s good to be home. Van came over yesterday for a couple hours & we baked a cake together. Such fun! I missed him over the past couple weeks! And Kenyan...she comes home from her daddy's soon. Van really misses her and Ava. Poor little guy is stuck with a bunch of old people lately (except for Teagan who is too little to play his games).

Blah blah you can see life goes on. But that's enough ramblings from me for now! will return. I hope. The rest of you 5 faithful readers probably don't care all that much! ;-)