Thursday, December 13

Uncle Jody

Today we (Gramma, my sister, Tiff, Teagan, our friends Donna & Jody, and I)  went to Molbak's Nursery~a winter wonderland full of Christmas trees & decorations & a huge glorious selection of poinsetias....however, because Teagan chose me to be her walking partner (lucky me!!!) I never really did see any of the poinsettias, except one tree of them ("Hurwy up & take your pictures--my boots are falling off!!!)

As we drove home, Teagan was happily reading the "new" books that our friend Jody had purchased for her at a great local thrift store for a $1 each--they looked like new to me! One was like Where's Waldo only it was Where's Frosty (Teagan rocks books like these--can't believe how she can break the pages down into sections to hunt for what she's looking for more easily & she's only 3!!!). 

The other book was called "Find the Cake" so I'm presuming it was similar--all I know for sure is that there were no words in this book, just pictures. 

Later I got this text from my sister: Teag loves the cake book! She saw 
a little scratch on the cover and said "Oh look, there's a little scrape but that's ok, probably Uncle Jody bumped it or something. I'm still glad she got me this book. Uncle Jody really likes me!"

That she does, Teagan, even if you do call her Uncle! LOL

Jody really did capture Teagan's heart by fighting off the scary polar bear, quickly taking away the surprisingly scary bird decoration & by giving her books--but mostly for understanding the mind & heart of a child! What a great friend/auntie. (Or Uncle!)

(PS~While we really did have a great time, we missed Auntie Danielle, and Cousin Dante. Next time?)