Monday, January 9

A Look at Christmas... usual, I took waaaaaaaaay too many pictures at Christmas. And since I figured those who did actually look at my blog wouldn't want to scroll through a jillion pictures that might mean a lot to me, but little to them, I cleverly spent forever making them into a very simplistic video. Really simplistic. But I did add music, so be a little impressed, k?

If you are clever, you will notice the posting date on this says January 9th. That was the day I started to make the video and was going to add the music and then got distracted, so here we are 10 days later with me actually posting the video as I remembered to add the music and do so. Seeing as I've been snowed in for a week, you think I would have done so sooner. But it was only because I wanted to share some of my snow pictures that I ever realized that I had never actually put this posting up. Scatter-brain!