Sunday, February 24

Happy Birthday Teagan!!!

Can 4 years have come and gone so quickly?!?! Apparently so!!

First you were born...

1st Birthday:

 2nd Birthday:

3rd Birthday:

And then it was time for you to turn 4...but for about six months you didn't want to turn 4!!! You either wanted to stay 3 or skip to being 5 years old! You couldn't tell us why for a long time--you just said "Four is crazy!!" and you didn't want to be four! And you didn't want a party...or presents...or to go to school...or anything else if it meant turning four!! And by all means, no one should sing that birthday song to you!!! In fact, you burst into tears when people sang Happy Birthday to your cousin Dante.

But then, then we told you that we were sorry, but no matter what, you were going to turn four but it was your choice how you celebrated it: you could have a party or not; you could have presents or not; you could have singing or not...but regardless, you would indeed turn 4 years old on your birthday because that's just how it works. And then the truth came out: you have a little friend who is about 6 months older than you and the only 4 year old you really knew. Your friend is a boy who adores you & you adore him...but he is a boy and he is silly, and a little wild, and a he can sometimes be a little overwhelming, but tons of fun, and you miss him when he is away, now that he moved to a different state and you don't see him as often. And really your friend is also very sweet and can be quite calm and loves to cuddle and read and play quietly just as easily as he can play crazy-like. But for some reason, we don't know why, you got it in your head that when someone turns four they suddenly become crazy, wild, and overwhelming (though fun!)!!! Whether they wanted to be that way or not!! And you did not  want to a crazy four year old!!! And finally about 2 weeks before your fourth birthday you were able to explain this to Gramma Cindy. She explained that that is not at all what would happen to you, and you happily decided to have a Princess-Pirate Birthday Party! There were just two caveats: 1) no one was allowed to sing the Happy Birthday Song and 2) you really wanted your little friend to be there (he couldn't come, but he did send you a wonderful present!).

And so, your 4th birthday came about:

(BTW--This is what Auntie Andi got you!)

A little birthday ditty a la Teagan...

You nervously wait, hoping no one sings "that song"!!

~~ ~~ ~~

And how is life as four year old? Pretty good, so far, according to you:

(And, yes, I wrote this in April 2013, but think I remember things fairly well!!! Playing catch up is no fun!)