Tuesday, June 30


Overheard in a Bathroom Stall

2-3 year-old child’s voice: “Gramma, why is your hiney sooooo….squishy?”
Grandmother’s (surprised) voice: “What darling?”
Child: “Well why is your hiney sooo……big?”
Grandmother: “Well I don’t know. I guess it just is.”
Child: “Oh. Well then why are your arms sooo puffy?”
Grandmother: silence
Child: “And your legs too.”
Grandmother: “Well, I guess I am just squishy & puffy like a grandma should be.”
Child: “Oh.”
Grandmother (under her breath): “Your mom is rather puffy too…”

No, I don't know this cutie. Found her on the web.

Classic!!! Out of the mouths of babes.

Monday, June 29

Another Gorgeous Day...

It's another gorgeous day in the Pacific Northwest!

We spent most of it at Martha Lake, once again.

While we have no photographic proof of it, I'll have you know that even I jumped off the dock into the water! Seriously! Then Kenyan sucked up all her courage & came down the ladder off the dock & jumped into my arms in the DEEP water! Then the two of us swam back to shore together.

Let me tell you, I don't know how those kids do it: that water was COLD! But refreshing! Good thing I brought blankets to warm us up!!! Teagan, meanwhile, slept the entire time in Gramma's arms.

Sunday, June 28

Mukilteo Beach

Wind, waves, rocks, some sand, and a ton of fun. What more could one ask for?

Ava was the only one on the whole beach who was brave enough to hit the waves!

Walking down to the water is easier said than done!

Napping @ the beach

Cutest toes on earth or what???

And how about this swimsuit?!?! Adorable!!!!

Rocks for sale...only $100 each! A bargain!

A Beautiful Day!!!!

One Busy Day

So Ava's only been here a little over 24 hours & I already have over 100 pix...but here's just a few.

Poor Ava isn't used to the sheer Light of the Pacific Northwest: it get's light around 4:30am & doesn't get dark til around 10pm. Two days in a row now, she woke up, saw it was light, & came downstairs around 5am!

Listening to Ava's iPod

The cats are being very patient with Ava's games. ;-)

Today, should the weather & tides cooperate, we're going to go the beach with Van & Kenyan where Uncle Mike will teach them how to skim board. Fun, fun, fun.

Saturday, June 27

She's Here!

Yay!!! Ava is here!

Ava & her Daddy

Ava & her Mimi

Last night's play

She got up early this morning (7am) to watch cartoons...at 9:30, I found her like this:

Not surprising since yesterday she & her Dad & her Mimi went to the Space Needle (and the carnival rides nearby), the Science Museum, the Aquarium, Pike's Place Market. Never mind swimming at the hotel pool both in the morning & evening.

Today is a day of rest...later we'll be babysitting Teagan...who has really grown up since Ava saw her last (in early April):

Thursday, June 25

I'm a Big Girl Now

Our "little" TeaRose went to the doctor today for her 4 month check up & shots. She handled the shot remarkably well: a look of surprise & a few tears. She now weighs a whopping 14 pounds and is 24 inches long. (She was 7 1/2 lbs & 18 inches @ birth). The doctor okayed her for "solid" foods. Here is her introduction to rice cereal:
I think she liked it!

In other news: our world is about to beautifully taken over by my wonder-filled, wonderful niece Ava!!! She will be staying with her Gramma & Auntie M for a whole month. We are thrilled!!!

Here's some pix from Ava's week-long trip here in April:
On her 1st ferry trip
Seeing Snoqualamie FallsThey really are awe-inspiring

Chasing peacocks @ Chateau St Michelle Winery

We are looking forward to having a fun-filled month playing with Van, Kenyan & Teagan and trips to Martha's Lake, the zoo, ferry rides, etc.

We have Ava's room ready & waiting for her & can't wait to pick her up in Seattle tomorrow!

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl

Our little TeaRose turned 4 months old yesterday.

How cute is this outfit?!?!

Seems like just yesterday that she was born.

Time flies.

Now: turn your heads sideways (since Auntie M held the camera the wrong way & cannot figure out a way to turn this video clip the proper direction). Once you get past the crink in your neck, you'll have to agree that Teag is a pretty darn good little dancer for 4 months of age!

Wednesday, June 24

It's True...

...Spiderman lives in WA.


Wait a minute! Mikey is Spiderman?!

As Van woulds say: "What is going on here?! It's crazy!"

Monday, June 22

Oh! That Girl!

Talk about contentment!

Teagan came to our house on Saturday & slept for 4 of the 5 hours she was here:
she'd had a very busy week!


Teagan has also started something new:
she now humms herself to sleep when you rock her.
Too freakin' cute!!!
Hope you can hear her over all of our
chatter & laughter.