Sunday, December 5

Early Christmas

Today we spent a wonderful afternoon celebrating (an early) Christmas with my niece, Kenyan, & nephew, Van.

We opened presents, ate pizza, got dressed up in their new clothes that Gramma Cindy & Auntie M gave them, and went to see the movie Tangled.

We opened presents first (of course!) and then had pizza. While we were eating, Gramma asked them what they wanted to do after eating (thinking that playing with their new stuff would be the answer) but instead Kenyan said, "Well, my mom said I had to take a bath when we were here!" We about  died trying not to laugh because this is soooo not something her mom would say but definitely something Kenyan loves to do here! We have a deep tub that the kids treat as a pool~full of bubbles!

After bathing, the kids chose to get dressed up in their new clothes to go to the movies.

They looked incredible, but the best part was when Van got dressed in his suit, looked in the mirror and announced that he "looked damn good!" hahaha!! Dontcha just love it?!?! It was great!!!

I probably shouldn't laugh about his swearing, but it was so classic! And it wasn't as though he were trying to shock or use foul language~he was just making an obvious statement!

The other funny thing was when he announced, when looking at the vest that came with his suit, that he prefered jackets with arms on them!!! Therefore, he didn't want to wear the vest, which was cool. He also was pretty impressed at how much he looked like a newsman: "Van the News Man...Coool!" hehehe

And then there was Kenyan who, as we helped her with her tights, declared: "I like tights! They keep your legs warm and you don't have to wear socks!" Can't argue with that logic! Love it!

I feel so blessed to have these wonderful kids in my life. Can't imagine life without them!

And now for the pictures....

Gramma's Christmas Village...
the one her kids couldn't play with but her grandkids can.
Whatever, mom!

Our white Christmas tree...
with their presents beneath it.

Opening presents with gusto & glee....

Looking damn good!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so it was raining when we got ready to leave
for the movie & both kids asked for hats.
Kenyan is wearing one of mine and
Van is wearing a 60+ yr old hat that
belonged to my father!
Don't they look like little Amish kids.

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