Saturday, January 1

Little Blessings

One morning, about a week before Christmas, I came downstairs to find my mom crying...

Turns out she was crying with joy over all her "little" blessings. She had been watching the screen saver on the computer which I had set to run through photos of this holiday season. As I mentioned in this post, we had a long & wonderful holiday season.

The pictures that made her cry, though, might surprise you. My mom has a Christmas village...not the fancy expensive kind from Department 56, but she loves it and enjoys putting it up each season. Last year Van & Kenyan were fascinated by it. This year, Teagan, too got caught up in the magic:

 Helping to set up the village:

Playing with the village:

The best thing about it for the kids is that Gramma doesn't get mad if something breaks accidentally~and they are so very gentle with the items, it's sweet. All three kids spent hours playing with the village. And Gramma loved every minute of it!

But what made her cry was not their joy in her village (and my nativity), but these pictures...their additions to her village, that suddenly struck home and made her realize, once again, how blessed we are to have these precious children in our lives...

Van's Motorcycle accident at the ice-skating pond:

Teagan added princesses to the village square:

Kenyan thought it high time Ariel and a Power Ranger met Jesus (they were bowled over by His power!):

It reminded me of that wonderful book, The Best Christmas Pagent Ever, where at the end the grubby little angel is standing there shouting, "Hey! Unto you at Child is born!" So true. And the scripture from Matthew, "Suffer the little children not, but let them come unto Me."

Powerful reminders of God's grace in such simple ways.

Mom got this in her Christmas card from me this year: a reminder of her little blessings:

Admit it: makes you want to tear up, too, huh?

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