Thursday, March 31


...Mom & I bought a new house! We kept wondering if we're crazy, but have decided we aren't. It's brand new-never lived in-and the builder had just dropped the we bought it! The house overlooks the Snohomish valley with mountain views in the distance.

It's 4 bed, 2.5 bath, private office, formal dining room. The backyard is completed (unlike others in the development) with a finished patio and sod planted in the front and back. The yards aren't fenced, but we have the option of putting in a privacy fence and being the unsocial people that we are, we will probably do so.

The community has a park, which will be great for the kids when they come visit. While they will be giving up their beloved play closet that they have in this house, they are are gaining an entire play room, so I think they'll be ok with our decision!

We'll also have a dedicated guest room...hint, hint.

Teagan loves the house: mostly because it's empty and she can run and run and run.

This is the master bedroom & its sitting room

We sign papers mid-April and can start moving in then...Mom, however, will be in Italy mid-April through mid-May, so we'll do the big move in when she returns.

We are very excited about these upcoming changes and hope to have visitors soon!


  1. Yay Yay Yay! And that video of Teagan is adorable! I love her toddler run...not so cute when I run like that

  2. Awe thanks Ash...and I wish I could run like that!!!


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