Tuesday, May 10


So last week, I mentioned how much Teagan misses her Gramma. Yesterday morning she was asking for Gramma and Auntie M again, which was convenient since Tiff was coming over to help me pack for our big move.

Poor Teag, not only wasn't Gramma here, but the house is full of boxes which was unsettling to her, and (worse!) the sound of the tape gun scared her to death!

We didn't get as much done as we thought we would because Teagan was permanently attached the entire time to one of us~usually me. She had a grip on my pants like you wouldn't believe and hung on for dear life~even though I was also packing boxes! Tiff packed like a fiend while I went through paperwork and tried to distract Teagan. I would leave the room so Tiff could tape up more boxes but Teag would still hear it and start to cry. It was so sad.

Even my collection of seashells couldn't distract her from it all. Poor lil thing!

This was last time:

Such happiness.

This was yesterday:

Having trouble seeing those shells...they are right here:

Her other play things were pictures of the family (see there's Gramma & Kenyan from last 4th of July's White Trash Party), and my chronic pain awareness bracelette...some old shoes....a discarded stationary box. What could be more fun, I ask you?!

And today we are supposed to be at the new house, putting together furniture and hanging curtains...not good, since she has also recently discovered that she is terrified of the drill. Oh dear, oh dear!

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