Monday, September 19

World of Imagination

I love watching Teag play...she has such an imagination and a long attention span, so she really creates worlds of imagination, whether it be playing with cars and trucks or mini-princess dolls, tea-parties, or just talking on the phone.

Yesterday, she chose a phone and:


"Hello? Munkle James? Hi! How are you?!....I'm fine!!!...Just playing...yeah....

"How is Danielle? What she doin'? Oh?! Really?!....Hmmmm....

"And how is Baby Dante? (giggle) Ok! you....bye!"

Gotta love it!

Later we had a very long tea-party~Teag, Gramma, and me~with tea and cake and ice cream! It had to last about an hour...after the tea-party, Teag decided it was nap time for all of us! Only true love gets an arthritic gramma and fibromyalgia auntie to lay down on the floor!

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