Thursday, December 1

Good-bye to Flat-Noah

Dear Real-Noah,

Well, your little friend, Flat-Noah, has packed up and left for your home today. He should be back with you in a just a few days. He had a lot of things to bring home, so he sent one big tube that has all sorts of things in it. But he didn't want to ride in the tube.

I think he is feeling the joy of the holidays, because he asked if he could ride home in a Christmas card, so that's what he did! I'll miss him, but I think Flat-Noah missed you and was ready to come home so he could tell you all about his adventures in real-life.

After he left, I made a discovery...someone had used my camera late last night to take these pictures! Flat-Noah must have been up all night trying to put the tree up! But he must have gotten to tired to decorate it, so I guess I will take over where he left off.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!

Much love,
Mary (Auntie M)

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