Saturday, July 7

Sleep-Overs, Hospitals, Princesses & The Man in Black

Last weekend we had our first official sleep over of the summer with Van, Kenyan, and Teagan. That first afternoon/evening we had a hospital with doctors & nurses upstairs, a cafe & restaurant downstairs, princesses & cowboys, pattern blocks were played with, a pizza picnic party, played with Auntie M's CPAP machine (or "Puffer" as Teagan calls it), watched & danced to the songs from Mary Poppins (Teagan's pick), watched the Polar Express (Van's pick), the kids took turns taking looooooong bubble baths in Gramma's deep tub, and finally kids were in PJs and snuggled in to various beds in Gramma's big room & watched narrated "movies" of 4 or 5 of Eric Carle's books before everyone (including Gramma) passed out into a deep sleep while Auntie M went around the house turning off lights before turning in herself! All of this was crammed into the hours between about 4:30 and 10:30!!!

In the morning there was more doctors and nurses and restaurant staff running about before and after  a breakfast of pancakes (with syrup & whipped cream) & bacon & sausage & hot chocolate--with Kenyan's choice of Lady & the Tramp playing.  After eating Kenyan and Gramma curled up and watched the end of the movie (Gramma's favorite) while Teagan & Van teamed up to cure all the ills afflicted our stuffed animals.

Later the girls once more became princesses...but Van, ahhhh Van! He be came: Johnny Cash, the Man in Black! It was awesome!

The best part was when I put music on and Van Johnny swept off his hat and asked Princess Kenyan to dance! 

Oh did they dance! (Notice Kenyan's 3 inch heels! You know they're growing up when they show up to a sleep over with 2--count them--2!!! pairs of high heeled shoes!! She is 9-going-on-10-going-on-20 apparently!)

And on that note: it is officially July 7th!!! Happy 8th Birthday to our little man in Black: 
the one and only Van!!!!!

And as of July 12th, Kenyan hits double digits and turns 10!!! 
A Happy Birthday to Kenyan too!!!

Doesn't matter how old you get: I'll always love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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