Saturday, August 25

Birthdays & Blessings

It's 2:30 5 hours I'll be 42 years old.

Sometimes my body makes me feel about 90... 

...but in my mind I still think I'm about 20.

It's shocking to look in the mirror... 

...& realize I'm twice that! 

But it’s one’s attitude that counts, right?

I'd like to think that (most of the time) I have a good attitude...

My life is full of blessings & joy~not the least of which are the children in my life represented by these roses...

...I am a very blessed Auntie...

...a very blessed woman.

I'm thankful indeed for so much--my family, my health (such as it is!), and good & faithful friends.

My life is full & my cup is overflowing.

Happy Birthday to Me!


  1. Happy birthday indeed! Sorry to be late with the wishes. I hope you've been enjoying 42!

    1. Thank you for the birthday wishes, Amanda! (And I'm sorry to be even later with the thanks!)

  2. The photos are beautiful! I only just recently learned the term "macro photography" (call me a ludite!). And, happy belated birthday! I hope that's not weird coming from a stranger, but I do hope you had a lovely birthday and will have a blessed year to come.

    1. Thank you so very much! I love our roses! And thank you for the birthday wishes!


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