Sunday, February 3

Happy Birthday Dante!!!

How can it be that 2 years have gone by since this day?

Last year we couldn't believe you were already 1 year old!

And now we celebrate 2 wonderful years of you!!!

At two years old you are running more than walking, counting (at least up to 5 regularly), recognize your ABCs, go to preschool 2 mornings and week, and bring joy to the whole family. You like to do the things your parents do--we gave you a set of keys, a wallet with "money" and a grocery store set (groceries, cart, scanner) for Christmas, and you love to hop on your motorcycle, put on your helmet (often this is clear tupperware), and "Go to the store for a few things!"

Oh! And did I mention that you love anything with an engine--planes, trains, and automobiles!!! You love them!!! Motorcycles too!!! And you really, really love Thomas the Train.

So this year for your birthday, the theme was Thomas the Train. Boy were you surprised when you came into our house and saw the decorations everywhere!!!

Oh, yeah, did I mention you've been really into glasses & sunglasses lately? You really like yourself in them!

Your family knows you well--pretty much all your gifts were toys that came with wheels and gears!!! LOL
Except for the gift from Gramma Cyn-Cyn and Auntie M--we gave you a stuffed puppy & kitty that look Milo & Otis--from your (currently) favorite movie. And (of course)a  book & a movie!

This is a huge tub of trains & train tracks!!! Oh heavenly days!!!!

And we had a 3 kinds of dessert: a Thomas the Train chocolate cake, a red velvet cake, and both vanilla & chocolate cupcakes!!! And Family...lots and lots of family were present!!!

You only ate about one bite of cake before....zzzzzzzzz....the excitement of the day wore you out:

Happy Birthday, sweet boy! You are so very loved!!!

~~ ~~ ~~

By the way: you really, really, really love the trains & tracks from your cousin Teagan. Every day that Gramma comes over to play with you, you both go up to your room & you play with your trains all day long while Gramma Cyn-Cyn watches.

(And, yes, I wrote this in April 2013, but think I remember things fairly well!!! Playing catch up is no fun!)

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