Saturday, June 22

Lumbar Epidural Steroid Injection

So.....Yesterday, I had an lumbar epidural steroid injection in my lower back (between L5-S) to help bring relief to my incessant lower back pain. The past 8 weeks have been off the charts with pain & I've fallen twice on stairs. 

I've had this "Back Pain in Exacerbation" since at least 2006 and had multiple MRIs and X-Rays on this location. I was told "you are riddled w/arthritis"--followed by "oh, no-you're not!" OR "It looks like degenerative disk/joint disease, but it shouldn't be causing the pain you're describing"...hmmm: I've been thinking it is! 

Especially since I had immediate relief just from the bupivacaine (like lidocaine) that they inject w/the steroid--but now I think the steroid is kicking in. Sweet holy relief!!!

I was a little nervous about the epidural but it was guided by an MRI from a couple years ago, and I was in an CT scan while they gave the epi--with contrast so the Dr could guide the needle into the right place. Piece of cake. Felt no pain. In fact, fell into a half sleep during the procedure! LOL

Though the steroids gave me an almighty headache last night, it's gone and the relief has come today. SOOOOO HAPPY!!!! 

So very grateful for my Rheumatologist who listened to me about my off the charts pain and requested to view recent MRIs and immediately sent me for this procedure... And for the Anesthesiologist who confirmed I was not nutty but that I did indeed have Lumbar Facet Joint Arthropathy (degenerative joint disease--especially of on the right side of the L5-S). And he confirmed that the swelling would indeed "cause this much pain"!!!!

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