Tuesday, November 18


Apparently I have completely neglected some regions of this fine country of ours. If I had the money, I'd pack my bags & hit the road.

Does it count that I mainly "visited" West Virginia and Virginia by going to that place where the corners of WV, VA, & MD all meet? LOL I really only have memory of that...I know we were staying in MD, so that definitely counts! I was 8 or 9. Not too much can be expected of me.

While I would love to tour the South, and find an Alaskan cruise intriguing, I have no desire to visit Hawaii, which most people don't understand. But if I did, I would probably want to give the beaches a skip. Just not my cup of tea--except for sunset pictures and shell collecting. Laying out? No!!! I also have no desire to visit Florida. Just doesn't call to me as other places do. But I am sure if someone gave me a trip, I would find something charming to do in each place.

As for the other blank states, I'm willing, but the body and bank account are both weak. But perhaps some day I will have the chance to fill in a few more states.

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