Thursday, June 10

Memory Lane

My sister & I spent today going through old pictures. We are putting a memory book together for my grandmother honoring my grandfather's & her  influences on our lives.

In reviewing years of pictures, I realized that I really spent a lot of time during my teens & 20s thinking I was fat. What a waste of time~I had a pretty damn good body back then. It's now that I'm over-weight. *sigh*

Proof positive:

Here I was at about 16 or 17~
I was an extra on a local shoot for the briefly aired Starman TV series.

With my grandparents & siblings, at SFO, as I was 
about to leave to study in London. I'd just turned 19!

Think I was about 19 here...maybe 20

Look at that waist line! Think it was something like 16 inches!
I've no idea what it is now & I don't want to!! Ha!

My sister & me~I was in my mid-twenties & she was about 16

My brother's high school graduation

Christmas: my brother was on leave, I was on break from college,
and my sister happy to have her older siblings back with her again!

My cousin Michael, who is just 20 days younger than my brother,
was always like another brother to us. Think I was in my early 30's here

But enough of this sob story of what I once someone (tactlessly) pointed out to me: I truly am twice the woman I once was. Oh well.

But I would like to point out that I have been very sick and that I shall be 40 in 2 short months!! Therefore, I think I still look pretty good.

Ok. Seriously. Enough of that.

Now, for some cute baby pix:

Wasn't I a cute lil thing??
One year old here (as designated by my proudly held finger)

Recognize the chair I'm sitting in? Yup, same one my niece now uses!

Okay~were these cousins practically twins or what?!?

Little man; Big Boots

The Three Muskateers...these 3 were always together...
...still thick as thieves even as they got older!

And does my sister not look like her own daughter in this???
She was about one & half years old here

Since we're walking down memory lane, I wanted to add a couple with our grandparents. We were lucky in that we had multiple sets of grandparents (the lineage is too long & complicated to go into). And we were even luckier that all the grandparents got along well with one another. Holidays were filled with extended family~grandparents, aunts & uncles, cousins, etc. I guess we weren't so much lucky, as blessed.

Christmas '92
I think I was trying to go for a sophisticated/sultry look. I have no idea why!

Also 1992
The annual decorating of the year my
Grandpa Sanders (above)  fell asleep & we grandchildren took all the
ornaments off the tree & put them on him. We hung them from his nose & fingers;
set themon top of his head; balanced them on his knees. You name it.
He never stirred. When he finally awoke with a jerk, ornaments went flying &
we exploded into laughter. I think J & T were in their teens & I was in
my early 20's...

Thanksgiving about 10 years after the above picture. I'm not sure, but
I think my Grandpa Sanders had passed away. My grandpa Ed (above) passed away
just a couple weeks ago. My Grandma Sanders (in the green) has also passed away
but my Grandma Rose (pink blouse) is still with us.

Thanks for walking down Memory Lane with me...going through these pictures has brought back so many (good) memories.

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