Wednesday, August 4

Gramma Cindy's Sweatshop

Gramma Cindy's Sweatshop Doll Clothes Shop

My niece, Ava, is currently into American Girl Dolls and my mom found actual American girl doll clothes patterns and adorable fabrics at a local quilting store and has been sewing up the cutest outfits.  Ava's "Just Like Me" doll, Alisa, is going home with a new wardrobe!

New top, pants, & matching head bands

New dress

New nightgown
(+ book from Auntie M and glasses from Uncle J & Auntie D)

When Gramma Cindy isn't sewing, her knitting needles have been flying.

Alisa's new sweater/hat set with matching hat for Ava

(this was before the brass buttons were added)

(this was before the brass buttons were added)

I have to hand it to my mom~making such tiny little things actually takes a lot of time! And now she's gotten so cocky that she make the fancy nightie free-hand: no pattern at all! I'm so impressed!!!

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