Friday, July 30

Wear Pink for Cora

Wear Pink For Cora

Today is July 30th...8 months since little Cora was born.
In honor of their beautiful daughter, her wonderful parents launched
Wear Pink for Cora.

On the 30th of every month people around the world wear pink to honor Cora but this day isn't just about wearing pink. It's a day set aside to do acts of kindness, perform good deeds, show compassion, express love, and much, much more.

To read just a sampling of what people did today, click on the
Wear Pink for Cora link above.

To read the story of Cora's brief but beautiful life and her legacy, visit Cora's mommy's blog.

Once you read her story and see what has been done in her name, you'll find that Cora will grab your heartstrings and suddenly you want every day to be Wear Pink for Cora day~your life will be changed for the better and you'll want to reach out and
touch someone else's life for the better too.

Sending love out to Ben & Kristine on this special day.

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