Wednesday, September 8

Growing Up Fast

For some reason, this summer was a hard one for me physically. And the past week has been horribly painful. Yesterday I lay on an airmattress in our living room writhing in pain despite my arsenal of pharmaceuticals.
I am hoping the new neurologist I've found will be able to help me with this.

But today there's a bit of relief. And the most wonderful distraction of all: my lil Tea-Rose.

I realized it's been a while since I've posted any pictures of her...she is certainly growing up fast. Teagan is 18 1/2 months now!!!

She is stringing together 1-3 word sentences. She knows most of her letters by site. She has been counting from 1-10 (forwards & backwards) with a bit of help. She knows her basic colors. (Her favorite colors to say are lellow and bleeewah...yellow and blue.)

For some reason, she has a bit of a New York accent~especially with words like "car" or other words that end in an "er"...I used to pick up a New York accent when I spent my summers back there as a child and it drove my mom nuts. However when it's her grand-daughter doing it, it cracks her up. (Of course, knowing that Teagan will grow out of it helps...but I'm hoping it means that she'll be good with accents and can speak a second language and sound good while doing so!)

Today, to keep her in the living room (so we didn't have to keep chasing her up the stairs) we put our ottoman across the walkway from the room and she ran from side to side yelling, "Hep, hep! (help) I stuck! I stuck!" Too funny!!

"I Stuck!!!"

And she gets when things are funny and gives great big belly-laughs or erupts into giggles. The other day she saw a Loony Tunes cartoon with Foghorn Leghorn~she thought he was hysterical!

She is seriously "playing" now: taking 2 toys and having them dance together or kiss or other things. She loves baby dolls and find Barbies fascinating. She likes being mama to her baby dolls. And she still loves her Pooh and Eeyore. She stack blocks and cups and then knocks them down.

And she is still passionate about being read to.

She loves to dance. And enjoys taking nature walks~though with her they can also become power walks. This girl  can move FAST! Yet at the same time, she loves to stop and listen to the wind blowing through the trees. And she also likes to look for stars in the dusking sky. (She also loves to have Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star sung to her, over and over and over....)

Look out, ducks! Here she comes!

Teagan plays dress up (her "scaf" or scarf is still a favorite wardrobe accessory but hats are fun too).

Hmmm...wonder where she get that whole scarf & hat thing from???

She loves to play with her cousins. She misses her Ava~she carried her picture around for the week after Ava returned to CA, saying "Ava gone...Ava bye-bye."

She runs around with Van, trying to keep up with him, and is so happy that Kenyan is home after being gone for the summer. When we went to the Whidbey Island Fair, she and Van sat happily together on the ferry, hugging! Too freakin' cute!

Van is a bit disappoint that Teag doesn't understand the finer points of soccer: like NO HANDS!

She went to hospital to visit her little cousin Cooper after he had surgery this past week and was so gentle with him.

She has gotten taller, her hair has gotten longer~and turning curly in the back!~and some of her baby fat is disappearing. As Kenyan says, she's like a real person now!

She loves to have me do the Itsy Bitsy Spider on her back and squirms and gigles as it tickles her.

Best of all, she still loves to cuddle. She gives hugs and kisses and snuggles.

At 18 months, she loves life and lives it to the fullest and I hope that isn't ripped away from her as she grows older.

She kills me~she cracks me up and warms heart and can help me forget most of my pain. I love her to death! And would do anything for her. And I hope she will always, always know that!

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