Wednesday, September 15

Weekend Away

Spent a lovely weekend away with the fam at the beach house belonging to family friends. We had such a great time, hanging out, kickin' back, seeing the local sights via kayak, conoe, or motor boat (which we couldn't start, so it was rowed about).

Teagan had the best time running around the huge yard, picking dandilions, and checking out everything under the sun. She wore herself out, taking a 3-4 hour nap each afternoon and sleeping 10 hours each night. She loved everything...except for the huge dog that lived next door but prefered our company. Brody looked like a bear loping across the fields towards you. Daunting for the adults~never mind a little girl!!!

He was really a sweetie...overwhelming but sweet.

The beach house.  Is this not a gorgeous a place, or what????

And this was our'd think it couldn't get better, but then the sunsets made it even more so....and then the moon! Oh the moon!!! It was gorgeous!!!

Happy, happy girl!!!

Happy grown-ups!

The only bummer was that I was in a lot of pain the entire time and had to be on extra pain pills the whole time that barely took the edge off. But it was still a great weekend. We want to go back again year September! Can't wait!!!

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