Tuesday, November 23

Knock, Knock

It's Sunday night.

My precious girl is spending the night. It's 3:30am. And through the baby monitor, I hear her in bed with Gramma saying, "Knock, knock."
Pause from Gramma, then: "Who's there?"
Teagan: "Teagan!" (giggling) then: "I sooooooooo funny!!!"
Which leaves both Gramma & Auntie M dying of laughter.

I mean, Teag is 20-months-old, it's 3:30 in the morning...what better time than to try her hand at knock jokes?!

Then she is quiet for a long time before:
"Gypsy is orange!...(Gramma grunts, uh-huh)..."Mako is black!"...(uh-huh)..."Marie is white!" (uh-huh)... "Knock, knock..." And on  it goes.

At 4:30 she is now in my bed and we are following a similar conversation: "Gypsy is orange!...(Me: grunting, uh-huh)..."Mako is black!"...(uh-huh)..."Marie is white!" (uh-huh)... "Knock, knock..."

What makes the knock, knock joke funnier is that when she says "Knock, knock," she is knocking on her own head!

Also, when you don't answer her, she will answer herself with "Who is there?" and then wait for you to say your own name...to which she responds with hysterical laughing, saying "You soooooo funny!!!!"

Then there would be long silences, when she appeared to be asleep, cuddled into my arms.
Then..."Marie is yellow!"
"No, she's white."
Giggle..."...and Mako black. Gypsy orange."
(Underlying meaning: ha-ha, gotcha talking again!)

I blame Sid the Science kid for the not-so-funny knock, knock jokes...but I'll cut her some slack since she's only 20-months-old and most 20-month-olds don't try telling knock, knock jokes.

As for the middle of the night discussions & cuddles...priceless.

(Till Marie jumps onto the bed & ontoTeagan, scaring her to death when she was finally sleeping, making her cry and chose to go back to Gramma's bed to sleep til 9.)

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  1. So funny (especially to the one not being woken up by knock knock jokes at 3 am!) :)


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