Sunday, November 11

Sundays with Dante

I love my Sundays with Dante! Today it was his mama who came to spend the day with us instead of his daddy (who is busily working!)...

This child is constantly busy~always playing & interacting. It's so fun to watch him grow & to hear his vocabulary grow by leaps & bounds weekly!

Today we added a bit of "cooking" Dante-style to our fun & games: it involved hammers! LOL

smashing croutons for topping homemade mac n cheese  =  fun!

Dinner time (take one...he ate this time around & then more later!)

I was outside with Marie-kitty & looked in the window to see Gramma Cyn-Cyn & Dante 
napping together prior to dinner :-)

After eluding Dante all afternoon, as soon as he fell asleep, Marie decided she wanted to sit right on him.
We convinced her to sit next to him!

One of Dante's favorite places to play: behind the couch, looking out the window.

And we have a 1st!!! Dante is spending the night here!!!! Loved making up a bed for our little Donster (and his mommy)!!

And hearing him say nigh-night to his Gamma Cyn-Cyn & his M (that would be me)... *sigh* 


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