Friday, November 9

Thursdays with Teagan

Our little TeaRose has been spending Thursdays with us lately...I love it. I miss her when I don't see her on a weekly basis!

It's cute, because it seems some days she needs to spend extra time with her Auntie M (love!) and other times she needs to spend extra time with her Gramma (she loves!) and sometimes it's pretty equal.

She's also been a lucky little lady lately because a few times that she's been here lately, Auntie Donna has stopped by & she just loves to rock Teagan! And Teagan just loves to be rocked by Auntie Donna.

Downside: invariably she falls asleep & it's usually then a late night for Gramma & Auntie M, but what do we care right?!

A few weeks ago, Auntie Donna came over & in-between coloring Gramma's hair & cutting Auntie M's hair, she sat down for a few minutes with Teagan to rock her...almost immediately Teagan began to sag & her eyes began to flutter:

Within minutes, she was sound asleep:

Yes, she's sleeping with a faux satin & mink blankie & faux mink pillow (and her faithful Purple blankie).

She slept...and she slept...and she slept...

She slept right through Auntie Donna's birthday dinner, but I couldn't let her sleep through Auntie Donna's birthday dessert: she'd been to excited about it. She'd sent me to the store with explicit directions to find chocolate cupcakes for Auntie Donna and cupcakes with white frosting for her! Somehow, I managed to find a package with both! She was thrilled, to say the least!

When Auntie Donna arrived, she ran to the kitchen & reached up on the counter & grabbed the box of cupcakes & ran excitedly to show her, falling over her words in excitement! How could we let her sleep through dessert? And her big plans of singing and of everyone having candles to blow out? No way!

So, I went over to her and stroked her hair & whispered her name & said, "Teagan, don't you want to wake up now?" response, multiple times.

New tactic: hair stroking, softly saying, "Teagan, it's time for Auntie Donna's birthday..."
Eyelids flutter!

"Teagan...don't you want to wake up for Auntie Donna's birthday and have some cupcakes?"
Eyelids struggle to stay open.

" can even have cupcakes for dinner..."
Eyelids wide open & child is struggling to sit up! LOL

I told her she could finish waking up while I got the cupcakes ready...she managed to croak out, "Can I have 2 white ones please? For dinner? Really?"

Yup: Auntie M, Gramma Cindy, and Auntie Donna let Teagan have 2 white, hugely frosted cupcakes for her dinner at 7 o'clock at night.

Oh boy was she happy!!!! (Huge understatement!!!)

She was also up til 1am.

But who cares? It's not like this is how she lives her life...certainly not an everyday occurrence!

Besides, Gramma & Auntie M's is kinda like Vegas: what happens here, stays here (except for those things that get "leaked to the press" on Auntie M's blog!)

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