Thursday, March 14

Sears Catalog--Great Deals

In case you're looking for some great remedies, check out these from Sears. The prices can't be beat and I bet you can't find these things just anywhere!

Thirsty? Have a coke! (And they do mean coke!) It's imported!!! Must be good stuff!!!

Little hyper now??? Need to relax? How about just a little dose of laudanum??
 (Borax mixed with white glue is fun though! It makes flubber. But I didn't find any glue while looking through this catalog.)

Want to give up tobacco?  Forget those electronic cigarettes! This is sure to cure all desire for it!!!

Feeling weak? They've got the cure!!! Not weak but feeling that consumption rising up again, look how cheap the cure is for that pesky lil disease!!!!

Or are small boobs an image problem for you? No worries! They have the fix for that!!!

Other female problems? No worries mate! This oughta fix ya right up! And none of that "mesh sling" worries you see all those ads for on TV--talk about a bonus!!!

Glad you don't live in 1897????  Better yet, glad you aren't a woman living in 1897??? Yeah, me too!!!

PS--Want to buy this hard-cover catalog? I can put you in touch for my sister who is selling it for a collector who doesn't know how to work eBay! LOL

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