Thursday, March 14

Where the Heck Have I Been???

Yeah, I haven't posted in quite a while.

First off, our computer went on the blizt and then was taken away to be fixed just days after Christmas.

During that time, I decided to get the flu, cuz, hey, why not, right?

But that wasn't enough for me, so I decided to also get strep.

But since that cleared up so nicely from the antibiotics, I thought it would be great to get thrush down my throat.

That didn't quite fill my quota, so I decided to rush the thrush up to my eyes.

So that took up 6-7 weeks of my time.

Since then I can't seem to stop sleeping all the time--which is better than insomnia. On the plus side, I lost more weight and quit smoking (with the help of e-cigs).

So not all was lost.

Just huge lapses in time, weight, a bad habit, and the desire to go back in time and blog about Christmas, New Year's, Dante's 2nd birthday, and Teagan's 4th birthday.

But I can't lose those memories!!! So darn it! I will stop watching re-runs of Castle (hooked during illnesses) and NCIS (been hooked forever) and will blog! As God is my witness!

The cats have enjoyed my illnesses: a friend who sleeps all day and night?!?!? Awesome!!!!!

I did do one random blog post.
Right below this one.

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