Friday, July 19

My 2 New Favorite Videos

I absolutely love this video of my niece and Uncle Bobo singing together!!!

Click here: Teagan and Jairus sing Roosevelt Franklin 

(If the link about doesn't work, just Google: "You-Tube Teagan and Jairus Sing Roosevelt Franklin")

I just absolutely love it!!!!! And I love how kicked back and casual they are--as casual as one can be while wearing a tiara while sitting in a hammock!

And then there was this awesome video from August 17--the day the movie Turbo came out. Let's backtrack a little. Towards the end of June, my nephew, Van and I were talking about movies and we also talking about getting together with my friend Vivian and her grandson and maybe seeing Turbo together when it came out.

Now mind you, when I said, "When it comes out..." it meant something totally different to me than to Van. To me it meant "sometime after the movie is released." To him it meant "the day it comes out."

So, it came out on the 17th....and I learn that Van thinks we are going to the movies that day and he was up early, hair done, and dressed up... Well, I couldn't leave him hangin' now could I so, I showered & got a little dressed up too, and, later, received this video.

How could you not love that??? We had a grand time at the movie and went out for a quick bite to eat after. It was really quite fun! 

I am one lucky Auntie!!!

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