Sunday, May 16


Look who moved to Washington!!!!!!!

My brother & sister-in-law arrived last Wednesday.For the 1st time in 17 years, my brother, my sister, and I live in the same area at the same time! I'm thrilled, to say the least.

Yes, we are slowly trying to rope in all family & friends into moving to the Pacific Northwest!

J&D got the cutest house on Whidbey Island~just a hop, skip, and ferry ride from us!

View of Whidbey from the ferry.

How cute is this house??? And it's NEW inside & out!

The backyard rocks!

Going there feels as though you are going on vacation...a vacation that's just 45 minutes away. I love it!

They have been staying with my sister & brother-in-law while waiting for their furniture to arrive. Poor Teagan: 2 more people to dote on her!

Giving kisses...

We've had a delightful week of hanging out, BBQing, shopping trips for "necessary" essentials for them, walks through the wetlands, etc, etc.

Our mom is thrilled to have all 3 of her kids together again (well, 5 with spouses). It is wonderful!!!!!!

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  1. That is SOOO awesome. How great does their place sound?! Wow. Sounds like being on permanent vacation!


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