Sunday, May 9

Mother's Day

I wish to honor all mothers:

those with full arms and those with empty arms;
those with children on Earth and those with children in Heaven;
those whose desires to be mothers have not yet been met;
grandmas & great-grandmas;
and also to some of the best aunties around
who are like 2nd moms to their nieces & nephews....

but especially those who are near & dear to my heart.

I love you all!!

I know that there are probably a few women here, whom I love, but failed to put your picture up.
I apologize.

I know for some of you this day brings great joy.
For others a reminder of sorrow.
But for all of you: I wish you hope & peace & (most of all) love.

Since I'm an aunt I admire (yes, I'm sooooooo modest)
thought I'd put my picture in here too:
Can you tell we're all related?!?

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