Sunday, May 16

Sittin' Pretty

Remember this post from back in January? Where I showed pictures of Teag trying to sit in the little chair my aunt had given me and her aunt had given her?

Teag still loves her little chair...but now she has become rather blaise in regards to the actual sitting down part...because she has it down pat. In her own unique way of course. The whole backing into the chair has never made much sense to her. Instead, she prefers to get into the chair feet first, facing the back of the chair. She then lowers herself down & then spins around. You know, things you can do only when you are 14 1/2 months old and are super bendy!

Sitting in her chair is so common place that she no longer sits prim & proper as she once did. Instead, she lounges....

This being the case, I have decided it is time to challenge her once more: so I bought a bigger chair, that is more wobbly, and is harder to get both in and out of. I mean I wouldn't want her to think that just because once a challenge is completed that life doesn't have another one waiting right around the bend for you. 'Cause it does and I want to prepare her for the real world!

This chair has knocked her down a few times (literally!) so we are still lifting her up into it. An added bonus, trying to get out is extremely hard too (like life) so she prefers getting help out, which means we can trap her in one place for a bit of time if we need too-like when she is eating something sticky.

Seriously, though, she loves her Pooh chair too. It has the added advantage of being taller and therefore making our grown-up sized footstools slightly more accessable to her.

She was having fun watching the horsies on the TV til we made her cry...I would have cried too had I placed any bets on the Derby. My horse came in 6th...I should have bet on jockey Calvin Borel instead. Of course such logic withered with the Preakness because the horse I'd "backed" at the Derby came in 1st, while Borel's came in 8th...but enough of horse racing (at least until the Belmont Stakes in June).

Anyway: point being-isn't Teagan growing up so fast??? She is learning new things so quickly! She knows her body parts, is learning shapes and colors, and is saying so many words now! In fact, last night she learned a new word in one try: PIE!

Such a smart little girl!! And the delight of my life!

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