Friday, March 23

Fibromyalgia: A Real Illness!

Well! Whaddaya know? Now that Dr. Oz says it's real, it must be! LOL

Or, in other words: Validation!

I haven't actually watched these video clips yet, but they were recommended by a local Fibromyalgia Support Group (I belong to their private FaceBook group & someone mentioned these clips).

Aparently Dr. Oz did two shows on the reality of Fibromyalgia as an illness.
I, for one, think this is great, to see a "mainstream" and "popular" doctor validating the illness we suffer from as, for many years, doctors didn't think it existed and many people still believe it to be a "cop out" for people not doing things. So, yea for Dr. Oz!

Fibromyalgia: A Real Illness, The Dr. Oz Show (part 1)

Fibromyalgia: A Real Illness, The Dr. Oz Show (part 2)

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