Thursday, March 1

I am NOT Crazy!

I've been upset for days now and have been losing sleep over  what that stupid doctor said about me needing to see a shrink because of my allergic reaction to the medication he gave me. But today I spoke to my Sleep Doctor who specializes in sleep medicine and neuropsychiatry. She has conducted extensive research on insomnia, neuropharmacology and neurochemistry.

She told me what I already basically knew:
1) that not only is it in my medical records that I shouldn't be given that family of meds,
2) that the doctor shouldn't have given it to me,
3) based on past reactions, I probably shouldn't have even tried taking it,
4) whether or not I am allergic to a med, it is within my rights as a patient to refuse to take any medication,
5) it is my right as a patient to oversee my care and to be a proactive participant in my healthcare
6) I need a new neurologist

Then she gave some new neurologist suggestions. I will sleep better now that that's all sorted out in my mind and can start fresh on the hunt for a new care-giver!

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