Wednesday, April 18


I recently read an article written by Heather Spohr, whose blog I follow, on how some doctors are now helping brides-to-be quickly lose weight by inserting a nasogastric tube (a feeding tube that goes through the nose into the stomach) that provides the bride a liquid diet of only 800 carb-free calories.

Please read the article! It will blow you away!!!!  Why the Feeding Tube Diet Disgusts Me!

This truly sickens me! These doctors should be brought up before the AMA and reprimanded--they shouldn't be having flattering articles written about them nor be proud of what they are doing.

The women and brides doing this shouldn't be going to to these doctors but to a psychiatrist as they have severe body issues. They should tour NICU and PICU facilities and see the children fighting for their lives who are on gastrotube diets.
There is something wrong with any woman or man or doctor who thinks that this "diet" is a reasonable weight-loss remedy! I would rather be a fat, over-weight bride (or woman~no need to be a bride, I suppose to find some doctor who will put you on this "diet") than do this!

Also, I loved in particular what Heather says of brides-to-be: "Women need to remember why they are getting married – not to have everyone tell her she is a beautiful bride (which she would be anyway), but because it is a beautiful, sacred event in one’s life. A union between two people, who vow to love and respect each other forever."

Thank you to Heather for reliving what she went through with her precious daughter, Maddie, in order to bring this to a wider audience!

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