Sunday, April 1

Play Monkeys with Me?

We had a fun couple of days this week with our TeaRose....

Extra Large, Extra Juicy, Extra Ripe Strawberries!! Yum!!!
Teagan  is loving helping out in the kitchen!

She created a new game with some stuffed animals. So for the past 2 playtimes, it's been, "Play Monkeys with Me?!?"

This game absolutely cracks her up!!! She plays with the brown Baby Monkey while Gramma (or Auntie M) is the pink monkey, Pinky. Then Teagan calls Pinky by the wrong name and Pinky gets upset and Teagan dies of laughter!!!

I love her laugh!!! Infectious!!

When she wasn't making Pinky hoppin' mad, she played with all sorts of animals in her own little house...

Or cuddled with us...and of course her sweet tooth had to be satisfied with a sugar-free popcycle.

Yesterday I was having a bad flare up and spent most of the day curled up in pain watching Gramma and Teagan play Monkeys. As a side note, how freakin' cute is her outfit? Rather French~Moulan Rouge, yes?

But Teagan also played the flute off and on. One of those times is when I fell asleep.

I woke up to hear Teag saying, "It's not working Gramma! She's still asleep!" When I opened my eyes, there was Teagan with a flute, that she had apparently been playing in hopes of waking me from a deep sleep!

I had to laugh! Also what first came to mind was Lottie from Enchanted April: "I always thought of myself as a flutey sort of person..."

Teagan wakes up every morning and no matter what the weather, pronounces it to be a beautiful day! Yesterday, she looked out the window and wondered when it would stop raining...and of course then the sun came out! Little sunshine girl!

Later, when Teagan asked me if I was feeling better and I said no, she helped Gramma get hot packs for my back and neck and then wrapped her very own special blankie, Purple, around me. And then kissed me and cuddled me. It helped a lot! Heavier pain meds would have really helped but then I would have had to go to bed and missed Teagan's visit altogether. In the long run, the pain was worth it.

She is a sweet little blessing to us all...but yesterday, I felt especially blessed!

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