Wednesday, April 18

Tip-Toe through the Tulips (1)

It's April in Washington...and that means tulip time!! We were going to go last Thursday, but of course it poured rain all day Wednesday (and most of the night) so late Wednesday evening we canceled the trip. Which was good, because Auntie Greta wasn't able to go on Thursday.

Typical of Washington State, the sun shone brightly Thursday! Figures. We rescheduled for Monday and determined to go, rain or shine. It was brilliant all weekend. And typical of Washington State, it poured rain on Monday! LOL

But true to our word, we hopped in our various cars and took off toward the tulip fields! James, Danielle and Dante drove over from Whidbey; Greta met us up there as well; Tiffany and Teagan came with Mom and I in our car and we had the added surprise bonus of having our friend Donna join us!

Off we go!!!!!!!!!

Along the way we could see fields of bright yellow in the distance.... 

We met at the Waterfront Cafe in La Conner for lunch.... 

Teagan asked Donna if she would be her cousin
(a big honor--Teagan loves her cousins!)
so I guess that makes Dante & Donna cousins too!

Despite the fact that Donna wants to take him home with her,
Dante immediately felt safe enough upon meeting to snuggle with her!
Silly boy! ;-)

We had a delightful lunch before driving off through the back roads looking for fields of tulips and daffodils. Dante, however, would have been happy to have stayed on the water front because it was absolutely fascinating: it had parked bicycles! And those, as you know, have wheels, and gears, and spokes, and other interesting things!!!

What are those marvelous things I see over there?!?!

And when he was distracted from the bikes, there were wonderful boats to stare at!

But off to the fields we did go! On our way to the tulips we passed more daffodil fields:

And now for the tulips!!!!!!!!!

But as I'm tired, that will have to wait! Tune back in later this week for more--which of course will include incredibly stunning pictures taken by moi!

Oh fine, here's a preview:


  1. Great Mary, you need to give me photography lessons!! Donna

  2. Donna~Just get a camera that has a function that zooms well and allows for action shots (that way any shakiness on the part of the photographer is taken care of! LOL)...Then contort your body into uncomfortable positions to get shots from unique angles. Tada! You're a photographer! hahaha


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