Monday, May 21

Paging Dr. Teagan

When I was leaving the ER Saturday night/Sunday morning I snagged a couple of the face masks they leave out for patients with coughs or colds to wear so they don't affect other patients. I took an adult and child size, thinking perhaps Teagan would be interested in them, as she has been very interested in my health/surgery.

Today she came to visit, bearing a box of items to cheer up her Auntie M. Enclosed inside was one of her special "Elmo" cold packs (for when she gets an owie) and a bright and very cheerful, indeed, penguin:

She is fascinated with my cane, which I've had to use since the surgery to stay steady. We shortened it to her size, but she wanted to be able to have her little stuffed monkeys use it but it was too big...major bummer!

Later, she listened intently as I talked to my GI's assistant. (He, of course, is on his way back from CA right now and will call me either tonight or tomorrow to discuss what's going on.) Teagan then quizzed me about what the doctor said. Super cute. And checked out my surgical incisions again...eeeeweee gross! When I suggested they looked like worms, she loved it! Super gross!!!

So then we got the face masks out and told her I got them at the hospital the other night and would she like to play doctor? You betcha!!! We also grabbed a whole bunch of address labels from my desk to fill in as bandages. (Thank you American Heart Association!)

We had plenty of patients!

Paging Doctors Teagan and Auntie M!!!

Look how happy our patients were!!!

Recognize my comforters from the other day?

Gramma & I also got bandages--I on my tummy and Gramma on her throat because she had a slight cough. :-)

Gramma loved the game because it meant that she only had to "play monkeys" with Teagan for a short period of time today! LOL

Having my sweet little TeaRose come to visit certainly did cheer me up~which I need as I am still having (*gag*) rectal bleeding as I have continued to have diarrhea. I have chosen to not return to the ER after spending 6 rather fruitless hours there the other night. I am hoping my GI will be in touch with me in the next 36 hours and we can make some sort of game plan.

In the meantime I'm drinking plenty of water, Gatorade, and soft foods...and my mom's home-made bread! (As these are the only things that stay in lately!)

Needless to say...after Teagan left, Auntie M went to Amazon and these will be arriving at our house sometime next week:

I'm so excited! I can't wait for these to come!!!

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