Saturday, May 19


So, I had just watched I'll Have Another take first in the Preakness in before collapsing in pain. Ambulance just left. Not sure what happened-it's all just a blur of pain nausea sweat shakes.Of begging for mom to call 911. Now on couch on other side of tunnel of pain wondering what the hell just happened?!?

Apparently I had been sheet white. Slick w/sweat. Diarrhea. Nausea. Terrified I was going to throw up and screw up interior stitch-work. Black hole of darkness was trying to claim me. 

About an hour or two before, I'd had a "BM" that was mostly blood--not good! We'd called the on-call surgeon who said it had nothing to do with the surgery--suggested perhaps a hemroid? Seriously?!? She said if it happened again, to go to the ER as people have actually needed blood transfusions from bleeding hemroids. (Seriously?!?! OMG!!!!)

So, Mom stood over me with a cool damp cloth, looking into the toilet, seeing no blood, but then just called 9-1-1 when I was unable to answer, except for groaning in pain.

So glad she did! I was too out of it to make any decisions or to even know what was going on. I was just aware of being fairly certain that my death was imminent.

The surgeon had mentioned that I had a ton of gallstones and hethought they got all of them, but that there was always the possibility they'd missed one it could have escaped and get lodged in pancreas--but he didn't describe what that would be like.

But emergency responders said if that had happened, I would have been running a high fever and would not have been able to bend at the waist and the pain would have been even more excruciating than what I was currently experiencing...which I couldn't imagine at the time: and I have a high pain tolerance!!! 

Anyway, they got me stabilized and got on my case for not taking the oxy the dr had prescribed after the surgery-opting for the vicodin I keep on hand for when my fibromyalgia and neuropathic pain gets to be too much. 

They couldn't understand why I hadn't taken it and laughed when I said I was afraid of becoming addicted. They handed me 2 and a glass of water and here I am an hour later looking back wondering what on earth that whole thing was about.

Maybe it's just that now that the neck and shoulder pain is gone, my body is finally aware of the internal pain of having had an organ removed!!!

So what the hell happened....quite simply: I don't know. But I'm feeling much better now. 


  1. SCARY! Seriously scary! Weird stuff happens inside your body after surgery. Five days after my dermoid tumor surgery I felt like I was having a heart attack in the middle of the night. I'm so glad your mom was there to react and help you. TAKE YOUR PAIN PILLS LADY! Love you! xoxo

    1. Thanks Ash! One thing we did learn: after having surgery like the ones you and I have had, it is very helpful to have someone burp you like a baby to get all that extra air outta there that they put in to help them maneuver around! What's funny is that while you were writing your comment, I was hanging out in the ER. Just when I thought it couldn't get did! Damn it! LOL
      Love you!!!!


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