Friday, July 10

Black Out

This is the view from under the black blanket blocking out the light that was attacking me during today's migraine:

(yup, that's my foot)

Sadly, even w/black drapes, my room is always extremely bright/light. Even at night. The whole neighborhood is "safely" lit with street lamps & garage door lamps that burn all night.

We had to leave the lake today because of my migraine (sigh)...oh & because Spiderman left his mask at home by accident. Hate it when that happens.

If I can ever get the pictures on my to down-load to my computer, I'll show you the (birthday) story behind the costume. [These pix are from my phone.]

As for now: it's back to bed & a darkened room for me.

Hey Bren! How is it that I haven't had a migraine since October & I have one little conversation with you about them & 2 days later, bam! One hits me outta no where! Hope that means that you are currently migraine free. :-) I'll gladly bear your pain, chica!

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