Monday, July 6

Reality Check

If you just casually peruse my blog, you might think my life is pretty easy…and I guess, in a way, it’s true. But only because I have the best support system ever: my mom.

My mom takes care of me physically when I need it; she takes care of the house & all its needs all of time; she does all the shopping; all the cooking; and she pays for everything: rent, utilities, my doctors’ co-pays; my monthly medications (which ain’t cheap!); pays for the car’s upkeep & gas. But most of all, she is a great emotional support, a wonderful friend & confidant.

We can truly laugh & cry together & be silly or (on rare occasions) totally bitchy to each other…cuz let’s face it: I can be a true pain in the butt! And it's not as though she hasn't been through a rather painful past 2 years on top of all of my stuff. But she truly walks in the grace of God.

So if you think that my life is peachy, you're right: thanks to my mom.

So here’s to my mom: I love you, mama!

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