Saturday, July 11

Spoiler Alert

So, invariably, when I have a migraine, I get sick to my stomach. Last night was no different. What was different however was the song I woke up to while sick that has remained stuck in my head, even now.

Having a 9-almost-10-year-old niece in the house, we have been introduced to a new genre of television shows (don't worry--this is not totally random; it does connect to the previous paragraph). Such shows include: The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, iCarly, and (of course!) the oh-s0-popular Hannah Montana.

Here comes the Spoiler Alert: Do Not Continue Reading if you have not yet seen the most recent new episode of Hannah Montana! I mean, I wouldn't want to ruin it for you or anything!

Having now seen this episode twice in one week and having never seen HM before, apparently Miley AKA Hannah is growing up & is dating (gasp!) a boy from her past (double gasp). That's right, Jake (whoever he was/is) is back. Miley wants her Dad's approval to date the guy who has broken her heart multiple times but kinda screws up that plan when she fails to tell him for 3 weeks that Jake is back & that they are dating. Dad is not happy. Dad acts juvenile. Miley schemes to make him like Jake by pretending to like "bad-boy" guitarist Jesse (who plays in her own band) but accidentally falls for him too. In the end, after composing a song & much dilemma, she choose Jake~which is good cuz otherwise they wouldn't have been able to do that whole memory montage to the new song (something like "He Could be the One"-which at 16 the emphasis should definitely be on the Could!).

Point being, prior to composing the above song, Miley strikes a tune & begins to sing about how she's angry at her dad. The chorus of said song goes (roughly) "Neaner, neaner, neaner. Neaner, neaner, neaner. Neaner, neaner, neaner...."

So going back to my migraine & waking up in the night to be sick & having a song stuck in my head, sadly said song was not the "He Could be the One" one, but rather the Neaner-Neaner-Neaner one. Perhaps this is really why I was sick in the night. I must say that after being sick, I lay in my darkened room & cursed the day(s) I saw that episode.

Here's another observation based on my new exposure to these television shows, aside from Hannah Montana's dad, where the heck are the parents to all these kids who are running around?!?! Is the TV industry subtley trying to get kids to resent having parents? Or are they unwilling to pay the larger salaries an adult might try to garner from them? Or can they simply not find any adults willing to play a full-time roll on these series. Either's weird!

And those are my musings for the morning. On a brighter note: the sky is blue, the air is crisp, & it is shaping up to be a beautiful day sans head pain. Yay!

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  1. Let me set the scene in our household around dinnertime. Carter is in his highchair. I'm prepping his dinner. Grant walks in the door from work. Grant turns on the TV and changes the channel, voluntarily, to Disney Channel. What do you know...Hannah Montana is on. Carter watches intermittently while eating. Grant sits down on the couch, becomes entirely brain dead to all doing on around him, completely captivated by the show designed for a demographic 20 years younger and the opposite sex. Welcome to my world!


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