Saturday, July 25

On Vacation

So...both my computer and then my internet connection decided to go on computer came back to life but not my internet. Sad day. I'm using someone else's computer right now which means I can't even put up any of my oh-so-marvelous pictures from the past few weeks. Sad day.

In the meantime, I am also on vacation: Ava & flew down to SoCal on Monday night. She's done a lot of swimming in J&Ds pool (and I've done my fair share). I'm also seeing 4 of my doctors while I'm here.

J has been traveling on business for the past 2 weeks & gets home tonight. Also Gramma Cindy & Tiffany bravely drove down from Seattle to Temecula with our little 5 month old TeaRose. Teagan believes they are torturing her by keeping her in a car seat for so long each day. They arrive this afternoon & I'm sure Teag will love being free of the car! Mike flies down next weekend and Dani's mom & two of her sisters will also be here that weekend. Talk about a crowded house! But fun. Ava is planning a luau style pre-birthday (for her) post-birthday (for Dani) and welcome home (for J) party for next weekend. Should be a fun time! With any luck, I'll be able to post pictures from our adventure.

In the meantime...just imagine all the fun we are having!

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