Thursday, August 11

Happy, Happy Birthday Baby...

Happy 12th Birthday to Miss Ava Celeste! We love you!

Ava's Mimi Lori arrived just in time for your birthday today! After picking her up at the airport, we headed out to Kafe Neo for lunch...yea for Greek food!! Ava enjoyed her first taste of gyro meat and tzatziki sauce....

And Kafe Neo's wondeful mini desserts! Double chocolate fudge cake with whipped cream!

Yesterday we did a pre-birthday luncheon at Olive Garden...she had never been there before and had been asking to go all summer. :-)

Ava announced that this was the first time she'd had a breadstick! Too funny. Of course, lunch was followed by a mini dessert...strawberry cheesecake for Ava....

...Lemoncello mousse cake for Gramma Cindy and Auntie M:

Sunday we are doing a little family get-together to celebrate summer and Ava's birthday with James & Danielle & Dante, Tiff & Mike and Teagan, and Tomo & Shelah & Van.

Tueday Ava and her Mimi wing their way home to CA. While we will all miss her, Teagan is going to be devistated when Ava is gone. And how do you explain to a two-and-a-half year old that the friend she idolizes won't be back till next summer??? She adores Ava and loves being with her. :-)

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  1. Great pics Mary! I love the one where Ava's hiding from the camera...Her and Teag on the fence is pretty cute too : )


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