Monday, August 8

Museum Review

So last Thursday, it being the 1st Thursday of the month and therefore admittance was free, we took Ava to the Burke Museum located on the U-Dubb campus.

Their website made it seem rather large...and cool. It even mentioned a ethnobiotanical garden. We thought this sounded really cool. I had visions of the Huntington Library.

The Burke is NOT the Huntington!!!!!!!! Frankly it was one of the most boring museums I've ever been too. And it was too hot. And it was super small. And the garden???? Basically ethnobiotanical means plants natural to the area: so it was a small patch of weed-like plants that lined the sidewalk leading up to the know: blackberry brambles, ferns, etc. So, unless we missed the rest of the garden somewhere, the garden blew. Unless somehow we missed the real garden.

The displays that they did have were well done~especially their display on Celebrations of the People of the Pacific Rim. They had some interesting histories and beautiful carved pieces from learn about seventeen different Pacific Rim cultures and how they adapt and remain vibrant in a changing modern world. They have exhibits about the revival of a dying language, hearing the teachings of tribal elders, and has variety of interesting artifacts from Washington State and around the Pacific Rim.

Our favorites were from New Zealand: We didn't know whether to be awed or scared!

They even had masks we could try on....

So I guess it wasn't so bad after all!

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