Sunday, August 21

Look Out World: He's on the Move!!!

Dante has moves!!! And they are gettin' quicker!!! Pretty soon, he's going to be running full steam ahead, as I think he is like his daddy, and crawling just isn't quick enough! He is incredibly strong too! He is pulling himself up on all sorts of things (bassinets, people, couches, etc), jumps up and down while he is held until you feel as though your arms might fall off (though his arms and legs are still full of energy) and holds on tight while daddy lifts him off the floor while Dante holds on to James' thumbs with his own strong little hands(check out the video below)!

And through it all, there is is that wonderful, beautiful smile of his...and his laughter can melt your heart!

And now we will pause briefly for our Public Saftey Announcement, courtesy of Gramma Cindy:
Never let children under 3-4 years of age play with rubber balloons!...
You know, do as we say, not as we do!

And, now, back to the little man in action:

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