Tuesday, June 30


Overheard in a Bathroom Stall

2-3 year-old child’s voice: “Gramma, why is your hiney sooooo….squishy?”
Grandmother’s (surprised) voice: “What darling?”
Child: “Well why is your hiney sooo……big?”
Grandmother: “Well I don’t know. I guess it just is.”
Child: “Oh. Well then why are your arms sooo puffy?”
Grandmother: silence
Child: “And your legs too.”
Grandmother: “Well, I guess I am just squishy & puffy like a grandma should be.”
Child: “Oh.”
Grandmother (under her breath): “Your mom is rather puffy too…”

No, I don't know this cutie. Found her on the web.

Classic!!! Out of the mouths of babes.

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