Thursday, June 25

I'm a Big Girl Now

Our "little" TeaRose went to the doctor today for her 4 month check up & shots. She handled the shot remarkably well: a look of surprise & a few tears. She now weighs a whopping 14 pounds and is 24 inches long. (She was 7 1/2 lbs & 18 inches @ birth). The doctor okayed her for "solid" foods. Here is her introduction to rice cereal:
I think she liked it!

In other news: our world is about to beautifully taken over by my wonder-filled, wonderful niece Ava!!! She will be staying with her Gramma & Auntie M for a whole month. We are thrilled!!!

Here's some pix from Ava's week-long trip here in April:
On her 1st ferry trip
Seeing Snoqualamie FallsThey really are awe-inspiring

Chasing peacocks @ Chateau St Michelle Winery

We are looking forward to having a fun-filled month playing with Van, Kenyan & Teagan and trips to Martha's Lake, the zoo, ferry rides, etc.

We have Ava's room ready & waiting for her & can't wait to pick her up in Seattle tomorrow!

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  1. Mary you truly are the BEST hostess!!! You have the ability to make one sooooo welcome in your home! Can't even describe it!! Love you Mar!!


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