Saturday, June 6

Make Way for Ducklings

So all week it was nice & warm...actually too hot~it even reached 90 degrees on Thursday! And apparently air conditioning doesn't exist in WA. So today we had it all planned out to take Van & Kenyan to Martha Lake, which is right down the street from Tiff & Mike's house. So they & Teag met us there.

Tiff, Teagan & Mike



Of course today it was overcast & about 65 degrees but that didn't stop Kenyan & Van from getting in the water! Later we were joined by Kent & neice, Kaylah. She too braved the cold & went swimming.

They were joined part of the time by a mama duck & her two babies.

Then they turned blue, shivered like crazy and came teeth-chattering out of the water for snacks & play time at the park to warm them up. Kent played the pirate raider trying steal the kids' treasure. While Mike tried to bounce the kids off the wobbley log.

Fun, fun, fun!

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