Monday, June 8

It's a Boy!!!!!! (We think)

J & D's doctor is 90% sure that they are expecting a baby boy! We are so excited. They have a name picked out but it is going to be kept a secret for now...I mean, I know what it is, but you can't! ;-) And now for some long-awaited pictures...

Here's Daddy's view (@ 13 weeks)

Here's Mommy's view (13 weeks)
See those toes peeping out?

Here's Baby's view (13 Wks) TeeHee!

Here's God's view (12 weeks)

And here is Mommy as of today (17 wks)
(guessing Dani's view of her toes is officially gone now!)

Isn't Dani beautiful?!?! And how cute is my nephew?!?! No pictures of Daddy-to-Be...think he may still have that dazed look! But here is one of J holding TeaRose~on the day they told us that they were expecting a little one of their own in November~what a great day! Of course, they chose to tell us on April 1st so it took us a while truly believe them. But it's true! There's a baby in there!!! And I can't wait to meet him out here!

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