Thursday, June 18

Chim Chiminey Chim Chim Cheero

AKA: The Not-So-Wicked Witches of the Pacific Northwest.

Mom is an Old Fashioned Witch~still using a broom!

Whereas I am Modern Witch: Power Tools, baby!

My sister's response to these pix: Grammas & Cripples SHOULD NOT climb about on roofs.

Our response: But it was so dirty! And at least we know we could always get jobs as chiminey sweeps or roof long as we didn't have to be up too very high. Never did like heights. Better pray we never need those jobs! And my sister is right: I (for one) shouldn't be climbing about on rooftops: shoots the pain in my bod right up to the high end of the scale. Ah well.

1 comment:

  1. You and your mama are too freakin' cute Mary!! I LOVE that you girls would just get up there and take care of business!
    BE CAREFUL Gosh darn you two, but it's still pretty funny see !!


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