Monday, November 23

Flights of Fancy

Can I just say that my little TeaRose is a girl after her Auntie M's heart: she had tremendous fun flying! Can't wait til she's ready to enjoy extensive traveling.
Oh, the places we'll go!!!!
She had even more fun on the way back cuz there were four laps to play on: Mama, Dada, Auntie M, and Gramma! Could life get any better--four cuddle spots!?

And in between she did lots of things:
She walked in the Pacific Ocean for the First Time....

She gleefully swam in Grampa Jim's great big tub....

She toured San Diego....

She got to be with her Cousin Ava!! You've never heard such laughter!!!!

And she went to her cousin's memorial service. She was a little lady who brought joy in the midst of sorrow.

A brief note: the service was heart-wrenching yet beautiful. But those memories & pictures I'm going to keep tucked away in special place for just me.

It is kind of too bad that little Miss TeaRose is so young that she won't remember all this...youth does have its downfalls!

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  1. Oh Auntie Spoiler Mary!!!! WE love, love, love our Video of Av and precious Miss Tea! Can you forward us this so I can share with my family? This is worthy of..... AFV!!!! (Let's roll!!!) We love you soooo much Aunt Mary.... you have the touch of an Angel. XXOO


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